Kaltenberg History

Bavarian Beer Brewing has it's historic origins and long tradition.
Relation between ruling bavarian family Wittelsbach and beer brewing, has begun in 1260. when they established the firts brewery in Munich.
At that time Duke Ludwig the Severe(Ludwig der Strenge) moved to Munich and opened the brewery in his own house.
Since that time, beer became an imprtant element of bavarian poilitical and social life.
1255. Ludwig II The Severe moves his residence to Munich.
1260. He establishes the first brewery which is the base of the later known Hofbräuhaus.
Even though the privilege of beer brewing belonged to the Bavarian royalty, which means that everyone else had to pay a fee to the rulers,
in 1286 Ludwig the Severe gives the privilege to Holy Ghost hospital in München.
They were given the permission to put aside a certain amount of barley and wheat and brew the beer themselves(without paying the taxes to the ruler)
in order to nourish the poor and the sick. The same privilege was granted to approx. 1300 monasteries in Lower Bavaria. 

1516. Bavarian Purity Law – Duke Wilhelm the 4th is considered the father of Bavarian Purity Law which is applied to this very day.
He was born on November 13th 1493.  in small residential town Munich, as a fourth child and the first of two male descendants.
By death of his father he becomes the ruler at the age of 15. He rules under the supervision and guidance of his uncle at first, but later on he shares his rule with his younger brother Ludwig. They were named the "noble protectors of farmers and guardians of order and peace”. 
Although he was born in turbulent time which demanded swift decision making for the whole Bavaria, he managed to ensure the long lasting influence and power for the Witelsbach family in Europe, with the full support of the Catholic Church.
Historical document which is well known as Bavarian Purity Law "Reinheitsgebot”, was declared on April 23rd 1516. on St. George’s Day.
Even though the "purity” regulations have been recognised in many different towns in Bavaria, this was the first such Law that was declared for entire Upper and Lower Bavaria.
It regulated the beer prices, ingredients used for beer brewing and by its special decree it was forbidden to open any new taverns or breweries that did not follow the letter of this law.
Since then the beer has been produced by using only these 4 ingredients: Barley(malt), hops, water and yeast.

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