Kaltenberg Adria Brewery

Kaltenberg Adria Brewery is situated in the Industrial zone Kukuljanovo, on the surface of 10.000 m2.
Beer brewing, storage and distribution has been taking place here since the opening in 2018.
Ludwig's gastro pub was opened as a part of the brewery and is a place where you can enjoy in specialties prepared by our finest culinary masters.
Investment estimated at approximately 12 mil. EUR in total, takes pride in acquiring equipment of the highest technology and standard which makes production of 30-50 thousand hl per year possible. Brewery has also got a few smaller batches which allow the production of craft beer on the general satisfaction of all beer lovers.
Brewery is equipped with modern laboratory to make sure the beer production is at the highest standards. Bavarian brew masters are maintaining our top beer quality and due to their experience, brewery can produce different types and beer styles in relatively small series.
All beer is brewed according to Bavarian Purity Law (Reinheitsgebot) from 1516. Every ingredient is carefully chosen, which makes the beer quality impeccable.
Combination of all above mentioned as well as the centuries of Kaltenberg brewing tradition, persistence and consistency, brewing skills and at last but not the least water from Rjecina river are all crucial elements for supreme beer quality.
As the Bavarian Purity Law was proclaimed by Bavarian Duke Wilhelm IV, we can say that the craft brewing in Europe has begun with the Bavarian Royal Family Witelsbach.
Kaltenberg Adria has introduced two types of Kaltenberg beer at the very beginning; Kaltenberg Pils and Kaltenberg Hefeweissbier followed by local Rijeka’s brand Tars after which two styles of Ludwig’s craft beer were produced; Ludwig’s Session Lager and Ludwig’s Winter Hoppy Lager.
Our latest members are praised dark beer König Ludwig Dunkel and Kaltenberg Royal Lager.
Within the brewery complex we opened a restaurant. Ludwig’s Gastro Pub which can accommodate 150 guests indoor and 150 outdoor in our beer garden, was designed in vintage industrial style with dominating glass wall through which our gusts are able to see the brewery. Restaurant is organising various events, celebrations, birthday parties…
Fine quality of our beer and food, combined with the atmosphere of our brewery and restaurant will certainly delight you.

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